High Point Community Theatre


Interested in Auditions?


  • You only need to attend one audition session, unless you are also invited to a Call Back for more intense work with the director


  • Bring a headshot - you will not have your photo returned to you


  • Bring an acting resume, if you have one; this is not required, but it will save you paperwork time


  • Be prepared to notate ALL of your calendar conflicts for the entire rehearsal/performance schedule, including specific dates and times


  • Be prepared to do a read from the script; the script will be provided for you


  • For musicals, be prepared to sing 16 measures of a memorized song (Bring sheet music for a piano accompaniment or a CD that does not include vocals.)


  • For musicals, dress in loose-fitting clothing and be prepared to learn a short dance routine (no flip-flops!)


  • Auditions may take a few minutes or a few hours; be prepared to stay the entire time, you will be notified when it is okay to leave.