High Point Community Theatre


Tut, Tut! Cast List

Thank you all for coming to auditions this weekend! This is going to be a great show and we are all so excited to work with each of you!  

Please remember the cast meeting is Monday, February 13th at 6pm at Free Church.  Each child needs to be accompanied by a parent as a lot of information will be given at this meeting.

Tut - Trinity Swinning
Maia - Delaney Grider
Miss Sen - Brooklyn Charles
Aat - Lucy Neel
Kit - Kaitlyn Fisher
Samia - Maddie Doak
Ahit - Jackson Fisher
Seneb - Carter Goss
Haji - Caden Duke
Hapu - Cameron Duke
Seti - Katy Smith
Aziza - Syndey Evans
Badru - Peyton Kaplan
Chuma - Chase Charles
Dakari - Carden Neel
Date Vendor - Mia Grider
Bread Vendor - Alexia Swinning
Fish Vendor - Ciara Swinning
Hitite Ambassador - Lily Newcomb
Hittite Attendant 1 - Olivia Callaway
Hittite Attendant 2 - Abigail Callaway
Camel Vendor 1 - Dylana Swinning
Camel Vendor 2 - Jordan Williams II
Camel Vendor 3 - Devon Swinning
Camel Vendor 4 - Charlotte Porter
Camel Vendor 5 - Callie Mae Weston
Camel Vendor 6 - Della Sharpe
Camel Vendor 7 - Danielle Riego
Herald - Olivia Trauth
Messenger - Jossalyn Duke
Chorus - Sophie Mueller, Eliana Cotton, Gianna Villalta, Madison Hudgins, Keely Vaka, Ryan Vaka, Evelyn Porter, & Other cast memebers as needed

Beauty and the Beast Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned!  We are thrilled to announce the cast of High Point Community Theatre's production of "Beauty and the Beast"!

Please email our stage manager, Devon Currie, at [email protected] to accept or decline your role by Wednesday 2/8. Please email, do not only comment on the Facebook post. 

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, February 13th at 7p at Oak Hollow Mall in High Point (where auditions were held).  We will discuss the rehearsal schedule at that time. There are solos and featured roles that will come from the company, these parts will be determined during rehearsals.

If you are under 18, you must bring a parent or guardian to our first meeting on Monday. Additionally, please be aware that we do collect a REFUNDABLE cast fee of $25 ($50 maximum for families).  Please bring cash or a check to our first company meeting to cover this fee.

The decisions were very difficult- you all brought so much talent-this show could have been cast several different ways.  We encourage everyone who was not cast to please come back audition with us again in the future. If you are between the ages of 5 and 13 we HIGHLY encourage you to attend auditions for "Tut Tut" on Feb 10th and 11th (there is more information on our website).

Thank you all again and congratulations!

NARRATOR 1: Matt Lowe

NARRATOR 2: MaryAnn Luedtke


THE BEAST: James Downs


BELLE: Kira Arrington

MAURICE: Carl Nubile

GASTON: Noah Daulton

LEFOU: Cameron Prevatte

LUMIERE: Seph Schonekas

COGSWORTH: Gary Stirewalt

MRS. POTTS: Jaye Pierce

BABETTE: Rachel Walker


CHIP: Liam Railsback

SILLY GIRLS: Emily Faith Owens, Caroline Patterson, Tia Pennington


Martha Glenn Bowers

Nicholas Greene

Alana Claire Haselsberger

Christian Lowe

Emrey Nash

Salem Reynolds

Caroline Beaver

Sarah Bianco

Kylee Chapman

Ashlynn Charles

Michael Coltrane

Linnea Bethany Coon

Gracie Crocker

Tatum Davis

Charley Doak

Robert Evans

Chandler Fields

Lyndell Finger

Sarah France

Marilyn Gaylord

Katherine Glover

Youssef Gobran

Hunter Greene

Wyatt Greer

Garrett Grounds

Elisabeth Harris

Shawn Harris

Nick Helms

Ashley Hibbard

Joshua Hill

Andrew Hyers

Anna LaVenture

Courtney Lowe

Dylan Lowe

Matt Lowe

MaryAnn Luedtke

Juliette Matthews

Bridgett McPherson

Emily Faith Owens

Caroline Patterson

Tia Pennington

Kristina Railsback

Abbey Rampley

Jack Sargeant

Caroline Segars

Debbie Shoffner

Samantha Thompson

Kady Ann Tilley

Chloe Vaughn

Kimmie Yokley

Colten Widener

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Cast List

Thank you for auditioning with High Point Community Theater for our production of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee". The production team would like to congratulate everyone and encourage those of you who were not cast to come out for future shows and continue your pursuits in theater.

Please email your stage manager, Alex Acuff, by 11pm tomorrow (Friday, January 6th) at [email protected] or [email protected] to accept your role.

​Cast List

Chip Tolentino- Alex Acuff
Logainne S.- Rachel Cumberland
Leaf Coneybear- Jackson Barnes
William Barfee- Cory Jones
Marcy Park- Tori Seals
Olive Ostrovsky- Graham Harrington
Rona Lisa P. - Allison Chickering
VP Douglas Panch- Tristan Beck
Mitch Mahoney-Linda Shillito

Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday, January 10th at 7:00pm at the same place you auditioned.

A Christmas Carol Cast List

A Message from the Director:

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition for our annual production of "A Christmas Carol."  It was not an easy task to cast this show with all of the talent we had to chose from!   All of the parts- large and small- have been assigned but the smaller roles and will also be added into group scenes so everyone will have A LOT to do!   Also please be aware that all of the performances are mandatory, including TWO school shows on Friday 12/16 at 9am and 12pm.  Other performances are 12/15 at 7:30pm, 12/16 at 7:30pm, 12/17 at 2pm and 7:30pm and 12/18 at 2pm.  Please accept or decline your role by emailing [email protected] by 8pm on Monday 10/10/16. Our first company meeting/rehearsal will be on Tuesday 10/18 from 7pm-9:30pm at the mall space where auditions were held. We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas for a few months with all of you!

Scrooge- Allan Beck
Ghost of Christmas Past- Courtney Lowe
Ghost of Christmas Present- Scott Icenhower
Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Be- Linnea Bethany
Bob Cratchit- Travis Rounds
Tiny Tim- Cooper Dunning
Young Ebenezer- Alec Gallazzi
Emily- Graham Harrington
Jacob Marley- Mickey Hyland
Mr. Fezziwig- Shawn Harris
Mrs. Fezziwig- Ivy Harris
Mrs. Cratchit- Kristina Railsback
Mr. Smythe- Matt Lowe
Grace Smythe- Hunter Greene
Fred- Jackson Barnes
Mrs. Mops- Sharon Pierce
Young Marley- Nick Helms
Jonathan- Dylan Lowe
Scrooge's Mother- Sarah France
Scrooge at 12- Liam Railsback
Fan- Tori Seals
Scrooge at 8 - Christian Lowe
Fan at 6- Madison Doak
Sally- Carolina Beaver
Martha Cratchit- Martha Bowers

Featured Spirit Dancers- Kristi Post, Mariah Hill

Link by Link Dancers- Jackson Barnes, Alec Gallazzi, Nick Helms, Scott Icenhower, Sarah France, Charley Doak, Chloe Vaughn, Kristi Post, Rebecca Trehar, Rebecca Staniffer, Mariah Hill, Linnea Bethany, Page Hyers, Hunter Greene, Debbie Shoffner, Beth Cox, Heather Hodjoglou, Judy Marsh, Chaun Doak

Wooden Soldiers (Tap Dancers)-Kristi Post, Linnea Bethany, Mariah Hill, Debbie Shoffner, Zach Rumley, Alec Gallazzi, Tori Seals

Abundance and Charity Dancers- Charley Doak, Chloe Vaughn, Page Hyers, Hunter Greene, Heather Hodjoglou, Sarah France

Ignorance- Nicholas Greene

Want- Emrey Nash

Cracker Dancers- Berkley Smith, Jack Sergeant

Pantomime Girls- Kristi Post, Mariah Hill

Cratchit Children- James Trehar, Kensleigh Jordan, Caleb Railsback, Evelyn Porter
Anderson Children- Daniel York, Berkley Smith, Briana Williams, Christian Lowe

Carolers- Heather Hadjoglou, Kammy Forester, Beth Cox, Chloe Vaughn, Shawn Harris, Colton Widner, Nick Helms, Ben Ferguson

Businessman 1- Eric Railsback
Businessman 2- Cody Herring

Bankers- Shawn Harris, Colton Widner, Nick Helms, Ben Ferguson

Beadle- Robert Evans

Rich Women- Kammy Forester, Heather Hadjoglou, Beth Cox, Chloe Vaughn, Kristi Post, Mariah Hill

3 Charity People- Nick Helms, Shawn Harris, Beth Cox

Charwomen- Page Hyers, Peytra Harris, Charley Doak, Anna Proctor, Chaun Doak, Judy Marsh, Meredith Smith, Katie Sorrell

Poulterer- Chaun Doak

Fishmonger- Judy Marsh

Woman 1- Rebecca Stanifer

Nikolas- Carter Gross

Woman 2- Chris Hughs

Harry- Eric Railsback

Old Joe- Colten Widner

Flower Vendor- Page Hyers

Bread Vendor- Peytra Harris

Fruit Vendor- Charley Doak

Peddler- Anna Proctor

Acolytes- Anna Proctor, Peytra Harris, Emiy Liebkemann, Callie Blackburn

Judge- Eric Railsback

Scrooge's Father- Matt Lowe

Mr. Hawkins- Robert Evans

Boy Workers- Zach Rumley, Daniel York, James Trehar, Caleb Railsback, Nicholas Greene, Carter Gross, Jack Sargent, Dylan Lowe

Workhouse Mother- Debbie Shoffner

Creditor- Robert Evans

Wealthy People- Kammy Forester, Heather Hadjoglou, Beth Cox, Chloe Vaughn, Shawn Harris, Colton Widner, Nick Helms, Ben Ferguson

Cooks- Judy Marsh, Chris Hughs, Rebecca Trehar

Drunks- Graham Harrington, Eric Railsback, Ivy Harris

Dancing Sailors- Alec Gallazzi, Nick Helms

Dancing Girls- Page Hyers, Charley Doak

Anderson Guests- Kammy Forester, Heather Hadjoglou, Nick Helms, Ben Ferguson

Grave Digger Choir- All Adults

Undertakers- Alec Gallazzi, Nick Helms

Angel Choir- Adult Women, Teen Girls, All Children

Chimney Sweeps- Tori Seals, Debbie Shoffner, Zach Rumley, Samantha Thompson

Cratchit's Dog- Evil Betty

Shrek Jr. Cast List

Thank you for auditioning with High Point Community Theatre.. We are thrilled to announce the following cast list for our production of Shrek Jr! On behalf of the entire production staff, we'd like to congratulate each and every one of you and also thank you for sharing your talents with us this weekend. With nearly 60 auditionees, we had some VERY difficult decisions! To those not cast, we encourage you to audition for future productions and we are so very grateful for your time this weekend.

For those cast, please email your stage manager, Alex Acuff, by 12pm tomorrow at [email protected] to accept or decline your role.

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, September 12th, at 6pm at Oak Hollow Mall in High Point (where auditions were held).

Cast List

Shrek- Chandler Fields

Fiona- Katie Pelikan

Donkey- Kimmie Yokley

Lord Farquad- Madison Barrier

Pinocchio- Jack Sargeant

Gingy- Katie Whittington

Young Fiona/Bird- Emrey Nash

Teen Fiona/Woodland Creature- Olivia Callaway

Storyteller 1/Duloc Performer- Ashlynn Charles

Storyteller 2/Duloc Performer- Brenna Kaplan

Storyteller 3/Duloc Performer- Della Sharpe

Storyteller 4/Duloc Performer- Salem Reynolds

Mama Ogre/Woodland Creature- Gracie Crocker

Papa Ogre/Tree- Lyndell Finger

Little Ogre/Woodland Creature- Maddie Doak

Captain of the Guards/Knight 5- Olivia Trauth

Knight 1/Guard- Jack Price

Knight 2/Guard- Dylan Lowe

Knight 3/Guard- Katie Sorrell

Knight 4/Guard- Corrine Lile-King

Bishop/Guard- Camron & Caden Duke

Dragon Voice/Duloc Performer – Chloe Vaughn

Dragon Body 1/Duloc Performer- Laney Dowell

Dragon Body 2/Duloc Performer- Taylor Dowell

Mama Bear- Lily Newcomb

Papa Bear- Camden Wray

Baby Bear- Abigail Callaway

Ugly Duckling- Katy Smith

Pig 1- Laney Wray

Pig 2- Kaylee Parks

Pig 3- Callie Weston

Wicked Witch- Samantha Thompson

Big Bad Wolf- Jaxon Duke

Fairy Godmother- Katherine Glover

Mad Hatter/Puss in Boots- Christian Lowe

Peter Pan/Pied Piper- Joshua Hill

Rat 1/Duloc Performer- Sydney Wray

Rat 2/Duloc Performer- Delaney Grider

Rat 3/Duloc Performer- Mia Grider

Duloc Performer/Bird- Jossalyn Duke

Dwarf/Rooster- Martha Bowers

Sweeney Todd Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! We are thrilled to announce the cast of High Point Community Theatre's production of "Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street"!

Please email our stage manager, Devon Currie, at [email protected] to accept or decline your role.

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, August 22 at 7p at Centennial Station in High Point (where auditions were held). We will discuss the rehearsal schedule at that time. There are solos and featured roles that will come from the company, these parts will be determined during rehearsals.

If you are under 18, you must bring a parent or guardian to our first meeting on Monday.

SWEENEY TODD: Brian Kilpatrick
MRS. LOVETT: Bridget Vanderveen
JOHANNA: Gill Thornton
TOBIAS RAGG: Alec Gallazzi
THE BEADLE: Cameron Prevatte
BEGGAR WOMAN: Courtney Lowe
PIRELLI: Elizabeth Carroll
JONAS FOGG: Marquise Atkinson

Caroline Beaver
Walter Boyd
Nicholas Chrapliwy
Briana Creech
Ross Davis
Houston Farlow
Mark Flora
Kammy Forester
Ali Fox
Sarah France
Kathy Glendenning
Julia Gradwohl
Graham Harrington
Nick Helms
Bailey Hill
Dusty Lucas
Trinity Maggard
Michele Martino
Juliette Matthews
Lizz Matthews
Kelsey McGuire
Bridgett McPherson
Blake Moran
Emily Morrell
Emily Owens
Rebecca Pesello
Rachel Robinson
Joshua Rogers
Travis Rounds
Tori Seals
DJ Shannon
Matthew Shumate
Margaret Stringer
Rod Speight
Shelby Sykes
Madison Thorpe
Muffy Underwood
Will Way

Peter Pan Jr. Cast List

Peter Pan - Jack Sargeant
Wendy - Sydney Wray
John - Dylan Lowe
Michael - Mia Grider
Tinkerbell - Tatum Davis
Tiger Lily - Katie Pelican
Mrs. Darling & Silvermist the Fairy– Madison Barrier (featured dancer)
Mr. Darling & Captain Hook - Jaxon Duke
Nana & Adella the Mermaid – Salem Reynolds
Arista the Mermaid & Buckey the Pirate - Meredith Clark
Crocodile & Noodler the Pirate – Emersen Seals
Chief Tiger Bamboo & Snoops the Pirate - Justin Cho

Iridessa - Lily Newcomb
Rosetta- Jocelyn Duke
Fawn- Olivia Trauth
Sparkledust- Amy Cho
Vidia- Jaqueline Shaner
Sunspot- Laney Wray

Lost boys
Hop - Olivia Calloway
Cubby- Carlie Shaner
Hawk- Hannah Sharpe
Skunk- Christian Lowe
Fox - Camden Wray
Tuck- Kingston Morgan
Raccoon twins - Camron & Caden Duke

Smee - Jack Price
Murphy- Katie Whittington
Cookson- Kimberly Yokley
Flint- Kaitlyn Fisher
Skylights- Maddie Doak
Jukes- Jackson Fisher (featured dancer)

Adella-Jocelyn Duke
Adina- Caroline Boger
Allana- Chloe Vaughn
Aquata- TBA

Brave Pine - Abigail Calloway
Brave Shrub- Delaney Grider
Brave Oak- Ashlynn Charles
Brave Thorn- Kaylee Parks

Harvey Cast List

Wow! What a talented group to audition for our debut production of Harvey! We are so excited to start rehearsals for this incredible show! The following is the cast list and a message from our director:

Elwood P. Dowd - Austin Prebula
Veta Louise Simmons - Bronwen Bradshaw
Myrtle Mae Simmons - Tori Danielik
Lyman Sanderson, M.D - Ryan Hrabovsky
William R. Chumley, M.D- Jackson Barnes
Judge Omar Gaffney - TBA
Ruth Kelly, R.N. - Gillian Thornton
Duane Wilson - Orderly - Charles McKeown
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet - (Featured Role), Ensemble - Samantha Thompson
Betty Chumley - (Featured Role), Ensemble - Sarah Rhymer
E.J. Lofgren the cabbie (Featured Role), Ensemble - Jack Price
Mrs.Tewekswberry, Maid, Ensemble- Kimberlie Yorkley
Mrs. Lapin the Real Estate Agent, Nurse Dumphy, Ensemble - Alyse Miller
Catereress, Officer Welty, Ensemble - Laura Corum

Read through is Tuesday June 14th at 6:30 pm. at the same location where you auditioned. Please contact me at [email protected] to accept your role(s). Congratulations to everyone and thanks to all the talented people that come out! We are going to have so much fun!! See you soon!

Mary Poppins Cast List

Good evening everyone, 

After nearly 100 people auditioned for Mary Poppins, giving us their sweat, tapping, smiles, music, nerves, dancing, and tons of talent, we have been able to narrow down our cast to a bit over 40. We are excited to work with each of you and can't wait to get started. All decisions are difficult to make and some are clear. No decisions are made in haste or without deep thought. We sincerely appreciate everyone who auditioned and are humbled that you want to work with us! Please e mail the director that you accept your role! [email protected]

We look forward to working with you! You'll get more information later from your stage manager!

Thanks again and welcome to the cast of Mary Poppins!

Please read to find all the locations your name might appear.
Please read down to the disclaimer at the bottom.

Mary Poppins – Katie Muhlenkamp
Bert – Brian Ford
Jane Banks – Lauren Redding
Michael Banks – Micah Boah
Winifred Banks – Jean-Marie Buckley
George Banks – Alan Tutterow
Katie Nanna – Peggy Bazakas
Bird Woman – Juanita Otero
Policeman – Rod Speight
Miss Lark – Angela Hodges
Admiral Boom – Mickey Hyland
Mrs. Brill – Kristina Railsback
Robertson Ay – Jackson Barnes
Park Keeper – Andrew Hyers
Neleus – Jose Rondon Jr.
Queen Victoria – Courtney Lowe
Bank Chairman – Steven Batts
Miss Smyth – Patty Grant
Von Hussler – Robert Evans
Northbrook – Chris Franks
Mrs. Corry – Jessica Grant
Fannie – Trinity Evans
Annie – Abigail Farlow
Valentine – Jose Rondon Jr.
Miss Andrew – Samantha MacReynolds

Children’s Ensemble
Tyler Toberman
Kellyn Jiles
Jack Sargeant
Liam Railsback
Sarah Catherine Beck
Martha Bowers

London Ensemble
Hunter Greene
Peggy Bazakas
Samantha MacReynolds
Rod Speight
Angela Hodges
Mickey Hyland
Andrew Hyers
Courtney Lowe
Steven Batts
Robert Evans
Victoria Hundley
Chris Franks
Patty Grant
Sarah France
Heather Hadjoglou
Sharon Pierce
Kelly Keegan
Lori Woolard
Annelise Cheramie
Alicia Bachorik
Lydia Davis
Caroline Beaver

Fly A Kite Ensemble
Families will be grouped at a later date.

Jolly Holiday
Specific dancers and small ensembles will be noted at a later date.

Statues in Jolly Holiday
Jose Rondon Jr.
Rachael Kemp
Kristi Post

Jessica Grant
Samantha MacReynolds ?
Angela Hodges?
Andrew Hyers?
Patty Grant
Abigail Farlow
Trinity Evans
Jose Rondon Jr.
Kristi Post
Luke Miller
Kammy Forester
Rachael Kemp
Tori Seals
Katie Pelikan
Allyn Sims
Victoria Hundley
Sarah France
Heather Hadjoglou

Chimney Sweep Dancers
Jessica Grant
Abigail Farlow
Trinity Evans
Jose Rondon Jr.
Kristi Post
Luke Miller
Kammy Forester
Rachael Kemp
Tori Seals
Katie Pelikan
Victoria Hundley
Laren Evans

Playing the Game Toys
Abigail Farlow
Trinity Evans
Jose Rondon Jr.
Kristi Post
Kammy Forester
Rachael Kemp
Tori Seals
Katie Pelikan
Allyn Sims

Banker Ensemble

Bankers will be noted at a later date.

1) Although you have been cast as a sweep or any other dancing role, your continuation is contingent upon your performance in the first two dance rehearsals.
2) Although you have been cast in one ensemble, you may be moved around as the director or choreographer see fit.
3) The Banker Ensemble has not been assigned and will be assigned at a later date.

Godspell Jr. Cast List

Delaney Grider
lily Newcomb
Olivia Callaway
Abigale Callaway
Chandler Fields 
Christian Lowe 
Dylan Lowe 
Kimmie Yokley 
Jack Price 
Kristen Bridge 
Jordyn Post
kaitlyn Fisher
Mariah Cathryn Hill
Josh B. Hill
Emrey Nash 
Emersen Seals 
Sydney Wray 
Camden Wray
Laney Wray
Katie Sorrell
Chloe Vaughn 
Taylor Dowell
Samantha Thompson 
Hannah Lucille Ficklin 
Adrian Beck 

Jesus- Adrian Beck 
John the Baptist/Judas- Hannah Lucille Ficklin

Day by Day -- Emrey
Learn Your Lessons Well -- Sydney and Dylan 
O, Bless the Lord, My Soul -- Kaitlyn
All Good Gifts -- Mariah
We Beseech Thee -- Samantha
Light of the World -- Kimmie and Chloe
Beautiful City -- Josh

Everyone else is in the ensemble, the ensemble will have lines that will be given during the rehearsal process. 

Everyone who got cast needs to respond to me to confirm their role.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, those who did not get cast we hope to see you at other auditions this year. 

Thank you and congrats to everyone who got cast, 
Stage Manager Chris Price  [email protected]

Dixie Swim Club Cast List

I wanted to start by thanking you all so much for your time and talent. It was a pleasure getting to enjoy all of your hard work. Whether you are cast in this particular production or not I would encourage all of you to come back to High Point Community Theatre for future productions. So with out further ado here is the cast of The Dixie Swim Club.


DINAH GRAYSON:   Carolyn Huggins


JERI NEAL MCFEELEY: Kathy Glendenning


Congratulations ladies. Please respond via email if you accept or decline your role. We will be having a cast meeting tomorrow Monday the 11th at 7 pm at centennial station. Hope to see you there. 

A Christmas Carol Cast List

Ebenezer Scrooge:  Jim Freeman

Bob Cratchit:  Allan Beck

Fred Anderson/ Scrooge at 18:  Spencer Kapreel

Mr. Fezziwig:  Shawn Harris

Mr. Smythe/ Scrooge's Father: Roger Sims

Jacob Marley: Matt Lowe

Ghost of Christmas Present/Sandwich Board Man: Robert Evans

Beadle/Creditor: James LittleJohn

Old Joe: TBD

Young Marley: Andrew Hyers

Charity People: Nicolia Stewart, Shawn Harris, Steven Batts

Tiny Tim: Liam Railsback

Jonathon/ Scrooge at 12: Dylan Lowe

Scrooge at 8: Christian Lowe

Ghost of Christmas Future/Blind Old Hag: Kristi Post

Ghost of Christmas Past/Lamplighter: Courtney Lowe

Mrs. Fezziwig: Ivey Harris

Mrs. Cratchit: Kristina Railsback

Sally Anderson: Bridgett McPherson

Emily: Kira White

Grace Smythe: Elisabeth Harris

Fan Scrooge: Tori Seals

Martha Cratchit: Emerson Seals

Want: Kylie Moncaleano

Ignorance: Landan “Jack” Glascoe

Mrs. Mops: Chris Hughes

Poulterer: TBD

Judge: Steven Batts

Scrooge's Mother: Kathy Jarrell

Mr. Hawkins: TBD

Pantomime Girls/Cornucopia Dancers: 

Katie Whittington, Page Hyers, Kammy Forester, Katie Messick, Abby Messick, Zoe Dillard

Bankers, Street Vendors, Sailors, Rich Women, Lower class ladies, Charwomen, Ghosts, Jailers, Factory Workers, Fezziwig Party Goers, Clerks, Creditors, Monks, Undertakers, Anderson Children, Ensemble children:

Emery Nash

Chandler Fields

Micah Welborn

Anna Cadavos

Benjamin Ferguson

Shelby Batts

Hunter Greene- Youth Organizer

Caleb Railsbeck

Chaun Doak

Ethan Voorheis

Anja Wray

Camden Wray

Laney Wray

Sydney Wray

Rachel Robinson

Madison Thorpe

Jack Price

Jackson Barnes

Mr. Railsback

Jenn Duke

Camron Duke

Caden Duke

Jaxon Duke

Chris Duke

Jossalyn Duke

Rob Hailes

Susan Hailes

Rebecca Stanifer

Jenna Sims

Kenan Sims

Asher Sims

Allen Sims

Cameron Sims
Ali Freeman
Jayson Crawford
Zoe Dillard