Lion King Cast List

First of all, I would like to thank all the kids and their parents for coming out to audition for Lion King Jr.  We had a wonderful turn out for these auditions with over 80 kids! This casting process was very difficult for the production team.  Everyone was so talented and we could tell they really wanted to be there.

We implore those who did not get cast this time around to audition for future shows with High Point Community Theatre and the Youth Stage!

Again, thank you for coming out and we appreciate everyone's time and talent! 

Cast List

Mufasa/Older Simba- Jack Sargeant
Older Nala/Featured Dancer- Madison Barrier
Young Simba- Liam Railsback
Young Nala- Olivia Trauth
Scar- Jack Price
Rafiki- Martha Bowers
Timon/Featured Dancer- Katie Pelikan
Pumba/Featured Dancer- Kaitlyn Fisher
Zazu- Lindsey Gabriel
Sarabi- Julianna Byerly
Sarafina- Taylor Dowell
Banzai- Dylan Lowe
Ed- Christian Lowe
Shenzi- Olivia Callaway

Ava Jones, Sydney McDonald, Katy Smith, Delaney Grider, Sydney Evans

Featured Dancers
Gazelle- Kayla Miller
Baby Gazelle- Grace Woodbury
Abigail Callaway, Braeden Peterson, Dixie Clinard, Kailynn Rowe, Katie Whittington, Lauren Redding

Jayda Parrott, Callie Weston, Salem Reynolds, Maddie Doak, Cara Hayes, Gracie Mitchell, Sofia Barnes, Aleena Rios, Brooklyn Charles, Mya Sansour, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Emrey Nash, Chelsea Council