Congratulations to the 2018 A Christmas Carol: The Musical Cast!!!

This list does not include everything that each cast member will do. No one will be underused, there are multiple ensemble scenes that will include nearly everyone in the cast.

NOTE: There are A LOT of names on this list. Many are listed multiple times.

To accept or decline your role, please email Karen Hincher (Stage Manager) at by 2pm on Monday, October 15th.

See you at Centennial Station on Monday, October 15 at 7:00pm for our first meeting and rehearsal.

Ebeneezer Scrooge - Jim Freeman, Jimmy Miller
Ghost of Christmas Past/Lamplighter - Courtney Lowe
Ghost of Christmas Present/Sandwich Board Man - Robert Evans
Ghost of Christmas Future/Blind Old Hag - Linnea Bethany
Jacob Marley - Mickey Hyland
Bob Cratchit - Oliver Helsabeck
Mrs. Cratchit - Kristina Railsback
Tiny Tim Cratchit - Casey Starr
Martha Cratchit - Olivia Trauth
Peter Cratchit - Chase Charles
Belinda Cratchit - Abigail Callaway
Mr. Smythe - Matt Lowe
Grace Smythe - Katy Smith
Beadle/Creditor/Judge - Eric Railsback
Mr. Fezziwig - Margaret Stringer
Mrs. Fezziwig - Briana Creech
Young Scrooge (at 18) - Wilson Mericle
Emily - Laney Dowell
Young Marley - Jack Price
Fred Anderson - Jack Sargeant
Sally Anderson - Aliya Graves
Anderson Child 1 - Martha Bowers
Anderson Child 2 - Emrey Nash
Anderson Child 3 - Lia Colby
Scrooge’s Father - Kelly Weston
Solo Banker/Businessman 1 - Wilson Mericle
Solo Banker/Businessman 2 - Jack Price
Old Joe - Adam Hincher
Scrooge’s Mother - Heather Hadjoglou
Mrs. Mops - Alison Freeman
Scrooge at 12 - Liam Railsback
Scrooge at 8 - Christian Lowe
Jonathon - Noah Freeman
Ignorance - Callie Mae Weston
Want - Salem Reynolds
Fan Scrooge - Kayla Miller
Young Fan - Cara Hayes
Chestnut Seller - Oliver Post
Fishmonger - Lexie Simerly
Poulterer - Kimmie Yokley
Woman 1- Aliya Graves
Woman 2 - Kristi Post 
Harry - Bill Price
Judge - Eric Railsback
Mr. Hawkins - Kelly Weston
Charwomen - Florica Anderson, Amaya Capel, Charley Doak, Sydney Evans, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Elizabeth Nee, Jordyn Post
Drunks - Laney Dowell, Bill Price, Lexie Simerly

Carolers - Audra Bowers, Briana Creech, Laney Dowell, Aliya Graves, Renae Humphrey, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Kylee Chapman, Margaret Stringer, Wilson Mericle, Jack Sargeant

Charity Quartet - Audra Bowers, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Kylee Chapman, Renae Humphrey

Acolytes - Charlie Doak, Dylan Lowe, Breayan Sedano-Roman, Chloe Vaughn

Angel Choir - Martha Bowers, Abigail Callaway, Chase Charles, Lia Colby, Maddie Doak, Noah Freeman, Alana Haselsberger, Cara Hayes, Jayden Jeffcoat, Christian Lowe, Gracie Merritt, Emrey Nash, Salem Reynolds, Olivia Trauth, Callie Mae Weston

Link By Link Dancers
Audra Bowers, Ali Freeman, Delaney Grider, Heather Hadjoglou, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Wilson Mericle, Jack Price, Jack Sargeant, Katie Whittington

Skeleton (Sinnamon) - Margaret Stringer
Money Bags - Adam Hincher
Safe-in-the-Chest - Eric Railsback
Hand-in-the-Safe - Elizabeth Nee
Headless - Renae Humphrey

Abundance Tappers
Linnea Bethany, Kayla Miller, Kristi Post, Lexie Simerly, Amy Squier

Abundance Dancers
Sammy Leigh Campbell, Laney Dowell, Taylor Dowell, Rachel Squier, Kimmie Yokley

Christmas Together Featured Dancers 
Charley Doak, Delaney Grider, Dylan Lowe, Jack Price

Dancing on Your Grave
Monks - Tori Danielik, Mickey Hyland, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Ava Belle Jones
Gravediggers - Sammy Leigh Campbell, Dylan Lowe, Jack Sargeant, Breayan Sedano-Roman
Wings of Death- Kristi Post, Lexie Simerly
Grave Movers - Audra Bowers, Kylee Chapman, McKenna Farlow, Elizabeth Nee, Margaret Stringer, Rachel Squier
Undertakers - Jack Price, Breayan Seadano-Roman

Chimney sweeps
Dylan Lowe, Jack Price, MariLu Ravel

Cracker Dancers 
Ashlyn Charles, Brooklyn Charles