Big Fish Cast List

Thank you all for auditioning for HPCT's Big Fish. Below is the cast list. Please email to accept your role. The cast meeting will be this Tuesday, August 7th at 7pm. Immediately followed by a read through. Please look for follow up emails with more information as needed.

Edward - Brett Kitko

Will - Wilson Mericle

Young Will - Christian Lowe

Josephine - Rachel Squier

Sandra - Courtney Lowe

Jenny - Kristina Railsback

Amos - Robert Evans

Witch - TBA

Witch group - Kayla Miller,Abby Farlow, Nicole Holmes, Kylee  Chapman, Nick Helms, Josh Rogers, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Makayla Micheo

Karl - Jimmy Miller

Don - Mike Lasley

Zacky - Nick Helms

Mermaid - Nicole Holmes

Fisherman - Josh Rogers

Bama Lambs - Nicole Holmes,  Abigail Farlow

Werewolf - Shannon Peace

Dr. Bennett - Oliver Helsabeck

Mayor - Gary Stirewalt

School Teacher - MK Amos

Share Cropper - Shannon Peace

Girlo cat - Casey Starr

Shot-gun toter - Colton Widener

Barber - Ben Ferguson

Circus Characters
Strongman - Josh Rogers
Contortionist - Makayla Micheo

Scouts 1-5/ circus acrobats
Scout 1 - Makayla Micheo
Scout 2 - Casey Starr
Scout 3 - Lia Colby
Scout 4 - Brianna Barber
Scout 5 - Alyssa Ford
Scout 6 - Ava Colonna

Red Fang - Breayan Sedano-Roman

General - Gary Stirewalt

T.V. Narrator - Houston Farlow

Cowboy - Josh Rogers

Judge - Gary Stirewalt

Farm Girl - Aliya Graves

Cheerleader - Susan Leyva

Will’s son - Casey Starr

Pas des Duex - Josh Rogers, Makayla Micheo

Featured Dancers - Kayla Miller, Abby Farlow, Nicole Holmes, Kylee Chapman, Nick Helms, Josh Rogers, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Makayla Micheo, Breayan Sedano-Roman, Alyssa Ford

Ensemble and Circus performers - Meadow Kitko, Zoe Zielny, Anna Laventure, Aliya Graves, Amy Squier, Susan Leyva, Angela Hodges, Florica Anderson, Margaret Stringer

 All smaller named characters will be used as dancers and ensemble through out the show