Congratulations to the Into the Woods Jr. Cast!!!

Narrator: Kimmie Yokely
Baker: Cody Gallimore
Baker's Wife: McKenna Farlow 
Cinderella: Katie Whittington
Cinderella's Mother: Ila Deese
Cinderella's Step Mother: Ryonna Warren 
Cinderella's Father: Nicholas Greene
Stepsister Florinda: Olivia Trauth 
Stepsister Lucinda: Emrey Nash 
Stepsister Belinda: Sydney Evans
Cinderella's Prince: Dylan Lowe
Jack: Christian Lowe
Jack's Mother: Lindsey Gabriel 
Milky White: Callie Mae Weston
Flour Cow: Claire Davis 
Witch: Chloe Vaughn 
Little Red Riding Hood: Martha Bowers
Wolf: Jack Sargeant
Granny: Lily Newcomb
Mysterious Man: Elliot Hoppins
Rapunzel: Katy Smith
Rapunzel's Prince: Liam Railsback
Steward: Abigail Callaway 
Squire: Salem Reynolds

Featured Dancers: Julianna Byerly, Ila Deese, Delaney Grider, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Ava Belle Jones, Zoe Zielny

Dance Captain: Delaney Grider*
Vocal Captain: Jack Sargeant*

Director: Hope Barker
Music Director: Kristina Railsback 
Assistant Music Director: Aliya Graves
Choreographer: Aaron Boles
Stage Manager: Sammy Leigh Campbell