Congratulations to the 5th Anniversary A Christmas Carol: The Musical Cast!!!

ACC 2019 Square DATES.png

We are over the moon with the turnout and our cast list!

Anderson, Florica -Caroler

Anderson, Kay - Charwoman

Angel, Joseph - Beadle/Judge/Creditor/Money Bags/Caroler

Barker, Briana - Angel Choir

Barrier, Haven - Angel Choir/Ignorance

Bias, Denise - Angel Choir

Campbell, Sammy - Ghost of Christmas Future/Abundance Tapper

Chapman, Kylee - Charity Woman/Caroler/Poulterer/Grave Mover

Charles, Ashlynn - Abundance Dancer/Christmas Cracker Dancer/Charwoman

Charles, Brooklyn - Martha Cratchit

Charles, Chase - Nickolas Anderson

Creech, Briana - Mrs. Fezziwig/Caroler

Creech, Fiona - Scrooge at 8/Angel Choir

D'Accio, Francesca - Angel Choir

Doak, Charlie - Acolyte/Sailor Dance

Doak, Chaun - Old Joe/Link by Link Dancer

Doak, Maddie - Bread Seller

Dowell, Taylor - Egg Seller/Grave Mover/Caroler/Abundance Dancer/Christmas Cracker Dancer

Elizabeth Nee - Charwoman/Grave Mover

Feldkamp, Julie - Scrooge's Mom

Ford, Alyssa - Angel Choir/Want

Franks, Rebecca - Angel Choir

Freeman, Ali - Ghost of Christmas Present

Freeman, Jim - Ebeneezer Scrooge

Freeman, Noah - Jonathon

Gabriel, Lindsay - Charwoman

Gallimore, Cody - Acolyte/Businessman 1/Sailor/Caroler

Geilser, Ava - Young Fan/Angel Choir

Graves, Aliya - Emily/Caroler/Drunk

Grider, Delaney - Abundance Dancer/Link by Link Dancer/Charwoman

Haselsberger, Alana - Fruit Seller

Helsabeck, Oliver - Bob Cratchit

Holmes, Nicole - Sally/Woman 1

Hughes, Chris - Mrs. Mops

Humphrey, Renae - Charity Woman/Caroler/Headless Ghost

Hyland, Mickey - Jacob Marley/Monk

Jeffcoat, Ebonet - Charity Woman/Caroler/Link By Link Dancer

Jeffcoat, Jayden - Anderson Kid/Angel Choir

Jeffcoat, Jazmine - Link by Link Dancer/Chimney Sweep/Gravedigger/Charwoman

Kelly, Madelyn - Sailor Dancer

Kerr, Kelly - Wing of Death/Drunk/Abundance Tapper

Laney, Nan - Angel Choir

LaVenture, Anna - Grave Mover/Abundance Dancer

Lowe, Christian - Scrooge at 12

Lowe, Courtney - Ghost of Christmas Past

Lowe, Dylan - Mr. Smythe/Chimney Sweep/Undertaker/Gravedigger/Mr. Hawkins/Link by Link Dancer

Martha Bowers - Candy Seller

Miller, Jimmy - Ebeneezer Scrooge

Miller, Kayla - Fan/Abundance Tapper

Morris, Olivia - Angel Choir/Anderson Kid

Oliver Post - Chestnut Seller

Oneill, Tamara - Chains-in-Chest Ghost

Perez, Daniella - Angel Choir

Post, Jordyn - Vegetable Seller

Price, Jack - Young Marley/Sailor/Link by Link Dancer/Chimney Sweep/Undertaker/Gravedigger

Railsback, Kristina - Mrs. Cratchit

Railsback, Liam - Gravedigger

Rowland, Austin - Fred/Fezzi/Scrooge's Dad/Link by Link Dancer

Sedano-Roman, Breayan - Acolyte/Businessman 2/Caroler

Smith, Katy - Grace Smythe

Stasaitis, Stephanie - Hand-in-safe Ghost/Grave Mover

Stringer, Margaret - Grave Mover/Skeleton/Fishmonger/Caroler

Sweat, Whitney - Wing of Death/Drunk/Abundance Tapper

Wallace, Emma - Link by Link Dancer

Warren, Ryonna - Woman 2/Caroler

Weston, Callie Mae - Tiny Tim

Widener, Colton - Young Scrooge/Harry/Caroler/Monk

Williams, Briana - Apple Seller

Williams, Kyra - Flower Seller

Zielny, Zoe - Acolyte