Congratulations to the cast of James and the Giant Peach Jr!!!


We would like to thank everyone who came out to audition for HPCT's James and the Giant Peach Jr. Having such a great amount of talent made our decisions very difficult!
Here is the cast list: 
James- Olivia Trauth
Ladahlord- Liam Railsback
Spiker- Martha Bowers
Sponge- Emrey Nash
Ladybug/puppet- Kimmie Yokely
Grasshopper/puppet- Nicholas Greene
Spider/puppet- Sydney Evans
Earthworm/puppet- Jordan Williams II
Centipede/puppet- Christian Lowe
Matron Nurse/Cruise Ens./New Yorker- Delaney Grider
Mr Trotter/Passing Man/Reporter/Farm Animal/Seagull- Riley Smith
Mrs Trotter/Passing Woman/Reporter/Farm Animal/Seagull- Madelyn Kelly
Karl Kreatour/Reporter/Farm Animal/Seagull- Jordyn Post
Billie Bobbycop/Jake/New Yorker- Olivia Morris
Bobby Bobbycop/Joe/New Yorker- Trinity Swinning
Doreen Driggles/Ida Walters/Lucille Van Kooglestein/Cruise Ens.- Jayden Jeffcoat
Violet Funkschmeller/Bitsy Botana/Bunny MacKenzie the Third/Cruise Ens- Salem Reynolds
Ridgley Rapscallion/Buzz/Cruise Ens/New Yorker- Katy Smith
Chris Cryermouth/Willy Wonka/Cruise Ens./New Yorker- Adam Bousmaha
Baby James/Featured Dancer- Devon Swinning
Ladies’ Garden Guild/Garden Chorus/Angry Crowd/ Cruise Ens./Screaming Women- Whitney Sweat, Ciara Swinning, Lexi Swinning, Trinity Swinning, Delaney Grider
Hollywood Agents/Oompa Loompas/Sharks- Peyton Gee, Devon Swinning
Reporters/Farm Animals/Seagulls- Claire Davis, Dylana Swinning

If you were cast, please email your stage manager Caleb Railsback at, to accept or decline your role by 3 pm Monday. Cast members, look for a follow-up email tomorrow with more information about rehearsals. Our first meeting will be Tuesday evening.

If you were not cast, please do not let this discourage you from auditioning again. We will have plenty of other opportunities to get involved in HPCT's productions in the future, and we would love to see you again!

Karen Hincher,