Congratulations to the 5th Anniversary A Christmas Carol: The Musical Cast!!!

ACC 2019 Square DATES.png

We are over the moon with the turnout and our cast list!

Anderson, Florica -Caroler

Anderson, Kay - Charwoman

Angel, Joseph - Beadle/Judge/Creditor/Money Bags/Caroler

Barker, Briana - Angel Choir

Barrier, Haven - Angel Choir/Ignorance

Bias, Denise - Angel Choir

Campbell, Sammy - Ghost of Christmas Future/Abundance Tapper

Chapman, Kylee - Charity Woman/Caroler/Poulterer/Grave Mover

Charles, Ashlynn - Abundance Dancer/Christmas Cracker Dancer/Charwoman

Charles, Brooklyn - Martha Cratchit

Charles, Chase - Nickolas Anderson

Creech, Briana - Mrs. Fezziwig/Caroler

Creech, Fiona - Scrooge at 8/Angel Choir

D'Accio, Francesca - Angel Choir

Doak, Charlie - Acolyte/Sailor Dance

Doak, Chaun - Old Joe/Link by Link Dancer

Doak, Maddie - Bread Seller

Dowell, Taylor - Egg Seller/Grave Mover/Caroler/Abundance Dancer/Christmas Cracker Dancer

Elizabeth Nee - Charwoman/Grave Mover

Feldkamp, Julie - Scrooge's Mom

Ford, Alyssa - Angel Choir/Want

Franks, Rebecca - Angel Choir

Freeman, Ali - Ghost of Christmas Present

Freeman, Jim - Ebeneezer Scrooge

Freeman, Noah - Jonathon

Gabriel, Lindsay - Charwoman

Gallimore, Cody - Acolyte/Businessman 1/Sailor/Caroler

Geilser, Ava - Young Fan/Angel Choir

Graves, Aliya - Emily/Caroler/Drunk

Grider, Delaney - Abundance Dancer/Link by Link Dancer/Charwoman

Haselsberger, Alana - Fruit Seller

Helsabeck, Oliver - Bob Cratchit

Holmes, Nicole - Sally/Woman 1

Hughes, Chris - Mrs. Mops

Humphrey, Renae - Charity Woman/Caroler/Headless Ghost

Hyland, Mickey - Jacob Marley/Monk

Jeffcoat, Ebonet - Charity Woman/Caroler/Link By Link Dancer

Jeffcoat, Jayden - Anderson Kid/Angel Choir

Jeffcoat, Jazmine - Link by Link Dancer/Chimney Sweep/Gravedigger/Charwoman

Kelly, Madelyn - Sailor Dancer

Kerr, Kelly - Wing of Death/Drunk/Abundance Tapper

Laney, Nan - Angel Choir

LaVenture, Anna - Grave Mover/Abundance Dancer

Lowe, Christian - Scrooge at 12

Lowe, Courtney - Ghost of Christmas Past

Lowe, Dylan - Mr. Smythe/Chimney Sweep/Undertaker/Gravedigger/Mr. Hawkins/Link by Link Dancer

Martha Bowers - Candy Seller

Miller, Jimmy - Ebeneezer Scrooge

Miller, Kayla - Fan/Abundance Tapper

Morris, Olivia - Angel Choir/Anderson Kid

Oliver Post - Chestnut Seller

Oneill, Tamara - Chains-in-Chest Ghost

Perez, Daniella - Angel Choir

Post, Jordyn - Vegetable Seller

Price, Jack - Young Marley/Sailor/Link by Link Dancer/Chimney Sweep/Undertaker/Gravedigger

Railsback, Kristina - Mrs. Cratchit

Railsback, Liam - Gravedigger

Rowland, Austin - Fred/Fezzi/Scrooge's Dad/Link by Link Dancer

Sedano-Roman, Breayan - Acolyte/Businessman 2/Caroler

Smith, Katy - Grace Smythe

Stasaitis, Stephanie - Hand-in-safe Ghost/Grave Mover

Stringer, Margaret - Grave Mover/Skeleton/Fishmonger/Caroler

Sweat, Whitney - Wing of Death/Drunk/Abundance Tapper

Wallace, Emma - Link by Link Dancer

Warren, Ryonna - Woman 2/Caroler

Weston, Callie Mae - Tiny Tim

Widener, Colton - Young Scrooge/Harry/Caroler/Monk

Williams, Briana - Apple Seller

Williams, Kyra - Flower Seller

Zielny, Zoe - Acolyte

Congratulations to the cast of James and the Giant Peach Jr!!!


We would like to thank everyone who came out to audition for HPCT's James and the Giant Peach Jr. Having such a great amount of talent made our decisions very difficult!
Here is the cast list: 
James- Olivia Trauth
Ladahlord- Liam Railsback
Spiker- Martha Bowers
Sponge- Emrey Nash
Ladybug/puppet- Kimmie Yokely
Grasshopper/puppet- Nicholas Greene
Spider/puppet- Sydney Evans
Earthworm/puppet- Jordan Williams II
Centipede/puppet- Christian Lowe
Matron Nurse/Cruise Ens./New Yorker- Delaney Grider
Mr Trotter/Passing Man/Reporter/Farm Animal/Seagull- Riley Smith
Mrs Trotter/Passing Woman/Reporter/Farm Animal/Seagull- Madelyn Kelly
Karl Kreatour/Reporter/Farm Animal/Seagull- Jordyn Post
Billie Bobbycop/Jake/New Yorker- Olivia Morris
Bobby Bobbycop/Joe/New Yorker- Trinity Swinning
Doreen Driggles/Ida Walters/Lucille Van Kooglestein/Cruise Ens.- Jayden Jeffcoat
Violet Funkschmeller/Bitsy Botana/Bunny MacKenzie the Third/Cruise Ens- Salem Reynolds
Ridgley Rapscallion/Buzz/Cruise Ens/New Yorker- Katy Smith
Chris Cryermouth/Willy Wonka/Cruise Ens./New Yorker- Adam Bousmaha
Baby James/Featured Dancer- Devon Swinning
Ladies’ Garden Guild/Garden Chorus/Angry Crowd/ Cruise Ens./Screaming Women- Whitney Sweat, Ciara Swinning, Lexi Swinning, Trinity Swinning, Delaney Grider
Hollywood Agents/Oompa Loompas/Sharks- Peyton Gee, Devon Swinning
Reporters/Farm Animals/Seagulls- Claire Davis, Dylana Swinning

If you were cast, please email your stage manager Caleb Railsback at, to accept or decline your role by 3 pm Monday. Cast members, look for a follow-up email tomorrow with more information about rehearsals. Our first meeting will be Tuesday evening.

If you were not cast, please do not let this discourage you from auditioning again. We will have plenty of other opportunities to get involved in HPCT's productions in the future, and we would love to see you again!

Karen Hincher, 

Congratulations to the cast of Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia Square DATES.png

Sophie-Caroline Patterson
Donna- Rose Wray
Sam-Jimmy Miller
Bill-Mark Lane
Harry-Ray Cline
Sky- Kevin Sanchez-Ortiz
Tanya-Courtney Lowe
Rosie- Ebonet Jeffcoat
Lisa-Muffy Underwood
Ali- Mariah Glynn
Pepper-Jackson Smith
Eddie-Curtis Myrick
Priest-Oliver Helsabeck

Ensemble- Joseph Angel, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Austin Rowland, Katie Whittington, Amy Squier, Margaret Stringer, Austin Ly, Katie Pelican, Colton Widner, Sarah Carter, Rebecca Stanifer, Debbie Brice, Debby Noyes, Alex Herring, Amanda Sycamore, Christian Perez-Ruiz, Hannah Rowell, Kayla Miller, Aliya Graves, Kylee Chapman, Rachel Squier, Stephanie Dawson, Annie Sechrist, Kayla Cruz, Breayan Sedano-Roman, Hope Barker, Sammy Leigh Campbell, Mark Brown, Cody Gallimore, Jacob Strider, Natalie Cardona, Amelia Mattocks, Mike Lasley, Oliver Helsabeck

Please Email (Kristi Post) to accept or decline your role. Company Meeting is Monday August 5th 7pm at Centennial Station (where you auditioned)

Thank You for the Music! Campaign

Thank you for the music title-01.png

Over the last several years, we have faced challenges with the sound system at our shows. Our analog wireless microphones have lasted much longer than intended. They have been repaired many times and it is past time to obtain a completely new set. We desperately need new digital wireless microphones, transmitters, receivers, headsets, antennas, and other gear to ensure the best possible sound experience for our audiences.

Our goal is to purchase (4) new digital wireless microphone sets this fall so that we can use them in our 2019/20 Main Stage season opener, MAMMA MIA!
Your generous contributions to our Thank You For The Music campaign will help us pay for these microphones and their required equipment. With your help we can ensure that our audiences clearly hear our talented actors for years to come! And, as a special thank-you, we are offering some “Super Trouper” benefits.

To donate and view the benefits, click the button below.

Congratulations to the Xanadu Cast!!!

Congratulations to the cast of TTO's 2019 production of Xanadu!

Kira: Julie Beck
Sonny: Jacob Strider
Danny: Zach Baugher
Calliope: Nicole Holmes
Melpomene: Julianna Byerly
Thalia (muse of comedy): Lindsey Gabriel
Euterpe (muse of music): Laney Dowell
Erato (muse of lyrics and erotica): Jazmine Jeffcoat
Terpsicore (muse of dance): Kayla Miller
Ensemble Solo Roles:
Hera: Delaney Grider
Thetis: Katie Whittington
Aphrodite: Tori Danielik
Medusa: Zoe Zielny
Cyclops: Ashlynn Charles
Hermes: Daniel York
Brooklyn Charles
Katie Whittington
Julie Beck
Tube Singers:
Liam Railsback
Daniel York
Charley Doak
Madelyn Kelly
Faith Simpson
Audrey Weston
Natalie Weston

Xanadu Web Cover.png

Congratulations to the AIDA cast!!!

We were absolutely blown away by the amazing talent we've seen in the past three days! Thank you all for auditioning, and if we don't get to work with you in this production, I very much hope that you will return to audition for future productions!


Aida: Kylee Chapman
Amneris: Rachel Walker
Radames: Kevin Sanchez-Ortiz
Zoser: Wilson Mericle
Nehebka: Bianca Banks
Mereb: Breayan Sedano-Roman
Pharaoh: Scott Icenhower
Amonasro: James Littlejohn

Ensemble: Jonathan Atchison, Julie Beck, Aliya Elisabeth Graves, Capra Harris, Nick Helms, Alex Herring, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Olivia Kessinger, Anna LaVenture, Caroline Patterson*, Caitlin Rose, Debbie Shoffner, Rachel Squier, Samuel Stowe*, Margaret Stringer, Ryonna Warren, Colton Widener
(* indicates featured dancers)

Job openings

Are you interested in working with HPCT’s youth programs? We are currently accepting applications for instructors for the following 1/2 day summer camps:

• Audition prep: June 17-21
• Actor’s Toolbox: July 29-August 2
• Fractured Fairytales: June 17-21

We are also accepting applications for the following positions for our fall production of James and the Giant Peach Jr. (auditions 9/6-9/8 and performances 10/25-10/27).
• Director
• Music Director
• Choreographer

* These are paid positions. Must be 18+ and have experience working with children.

Send letter of interest and resume to

Congratulations to the Into the Woods Jr. Cast!!!

Narrator: Kimmie Yokely
Baker: Cody Gallimore
Baker's Wife: McKenna Farlow 
Cinderella: Katie Whittington
Cinderella's Mother: Ila Deese
Cinderella's Step Mother: Ryonna Warren 
Cinderella's Father: Nicholas Greene
Stepsister Florinda: Olivia Trauth 
Stepsister Lucinda: Emrey Nash 
Stepsister Belinda: Sydney Evans
Cinderella's Prince: Dylan Lowe
Jack: Christian Lowe
Jack's Mother: Lindsey Gabriel 
Milky White: Callie Mae Weston
Flour Cow: Claire Davis 
Witch: Chloe Vaughn 
Little Red Riding Hood: Martha Bowers
Wolf: Jack Sargeant
Granny: Lily Newcomb
Mysterious Man: Elliot Hoppins
Rapunzel: Katy Smith
Rapunzel's Prince: Liam Railsback
Steward: Abigail Callaway 
Squire: Salem Reynolds

Featured Dancers: Julianna Byerly, Ila Deese, Delaney Grider, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Ava Belle Jones, Zoe Zielny

Dance Captain: Delaney Grider*
Vocal Captain: Jack Sargeant*

Director: Hope Barker
Music Director: Kristina Railsback 
Assistant Music Director: Aliya Graves
Choreographer: Aaron Boles
Stage Manager: Sammy Leigh Campbell

Congratulations to the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Cast!

We are very pleased with this cast and look forward to working with every single one of them over the next two months.

Lawrence - Carl Nubile
Freddy - Aaron Boles
Christine - Mariah Glynn
Andre - Anna LaVenture
Muriel - Cynthia Zielny
Jolene - Tara Raczenski

Debbie Brice
Kylee Chapman
Benjamin Ferguson
Aliya Graves
Oliver Helsabeck
Victoria Hundley*
Caroline Patterson* (DANCE CAPTAIN)
Jack Price*
Breayan Sedano-Roman
Muffy Underwood*
Rachel Walker*
Colton Widener

*Featured Dancer

Congratulations to the 2018 A Christmas Carol: The Musical Cast!!!

This list does not include everything that each cast member will do. No one will be underused, there are multiple ensemble scenes that will include nearly everyone in the cast.

NOTE: There are A LOT of names on this list. Many are listed multiple times.

To accept or decline your role, please email Karen Hincher (Stage Manager) at by 2pm on Monday, October 15th.

See you at Centennial Station on Monday, October 15 at 7:00pm for our first meeting and rehearsal.

Ebeneezer Scrooge - Jim Freeman, Jimmy Miller
Ghost of Christmas Past/Lamplighter - Courtney Lowe
Ghost of Christmas Present/Sandwich Board Man - Robert Evans
Ghost of Christmas Future/Blind Old Hag - Linnea Bethany
Jacob Marley - Mickey Hyland
Bob Cratchit - Oliver Helsabeck
Mrs. Cratchit - Kristina Railsback
Tiny Tim Cratchit - Casey Starr
Martha Cratchit - Olivia Trauth
Peter Cratchit - Chase Charles
Belinda Cratchit - Abigail Callaway
Mr. Smythe - Matt Lowe
Grace Smythe - Katy Smith
Beadle/Creditor/Judge - Eric Railsback
Mr. Fezziwig - Margaret Stringer
Mrs. Fezziwig - Briana Creech
Young Scrooge (at 18) - Wilson Mericle
Emily - Laney Dowell
Young Marley - Jack Price
Fred Anderson - Jack Sargeant
Sally Anderson - Aliya Graves
Anderson Child 1 - Martha Bowers
Anderson Child 2 - Emrey Nash
Anderson Child 3 - Lia Colby
Scrooge’s Father - Kelly Weston
Solo Banker/Businessman 1 - Wilson Mericle
Solo Banker/Businessman 2 - Jack Price
Old Joe - Adam Hincher
Scrooge’s Mother - Heather Hadjoglou
Mrs. Mops - Alison Freeman
Scrooge at 12 - Liam Railsback
Scrooge at 8 - Christian Lowe
Jonathon - Noah Freeman
Ignorance - Callie Mae Weston
Want - Salem Reynolds
Fan Scrooge - Kayla Miller
Young Fan - Cara Hayes
Chestnut Seller - Oliver Post
Fishmonger - Lexie Simerly
Poulterer - Kimmie Yokley
Woman 1- Aliya Graves
Woman 2 - Kristi Post 
Harry - Bill Price
Judge - Eric Railsback
Mr. Hawkins - Kelly Weston
Charwomen - Florica Anderson, Amaya Capel, Charley Doak, Sydney Evans, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Elizabeth Nee, Jordyn Post
Drunks - Laney Dowell, Bill Price, Lexie Simerly

Carolers - Audra Bowers, Briana Creech, Laney Dowell, Aliya Graves, Renae Humphrey, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Kylee Chapman, Margaret Stringer, Wilson Mericle, Jack Sargeant

Charity Quartet - Audra Bowers, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Kylee Chapman, Renae Humphrey

Acolytes - Charlie Doak, Dylan Lowe, Breayan Sedano-Roman, Chloe Vaughn

Angel Choir - Martha Bowers, Abigail Callaway, Chase Charles, Lia Colby, Maddie Doak, Noah Freeman, Alana Haselsberger, Cara Hayes, Jayden Jeffcoat, Christian Lowe, Gracie Merritt, Emrey Nash, Salem Reynolds, Olivia Trauth, Callie Mae Weston

Link By Link Dancers
Audra Bowers, Ali Freeman, Delaney Grider, Heather Hadjoglou, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Wilson Mericle, Jack Price, Jack Sargeant, Katie Whittington

Skeleton (Sinnamon) - Margaret Stringer
Money Bags - Adam Hincher
Safe-in-the-Chest - Eric Railsback
Hand-in-the-Safe - Elizabeth Nee
Headless - Renae Humphrey

Abundance Tappers
Linnea Bethany, Kayla Miller, Kristi Post, Lexie Simerly, Amy Squier

Abundance Dancers
Sammy Leigh Campbell, Laney Dowell, Taylor Dowell, Rachel Squier, Kimmie Yokley

Christmas Together Featured Dancers 
Charley Doak, Delaney Grider, Dylan Lowe, Jack Price

Dancing on Your Grave
Monks - Tori Danielik, Mickey Hyland, Ebonet Jeffcoat, Ava Belle Jones
Gravediggers - Sammy Leigh Campbell, Dylan Lowe, Jack Sargeant, Breayan Sedano-Roman
Wings of Death- Kristi Post, Lexie Simerly
Grave Movers - Audra Bowers, Kylee Chapman, McKenna Farlow, Elizabeth Nee, Margaret Stringer, Rachel Squier
Undertakers - Jack Price, Breayan Seadano-Roman

Chimney sweeps
Dylan Lowe, Jack Price, MariLu Ravel

Cracker Dancers 
Ashlyn Charles, Brooklyn Charles

Congratulations to the cast of Mary Poppins Jr!

(a * next to a name means that cast member is also a Featured Dancer or in the Ensemble)

Mary Poppins square.jpg

Mary Poppins: Taylor Dowell

Bert: Jack Price

George Banks: Jack Sargeant

Winifred Banks: Ava Belle Jones

Jane Banks: Olivia Trauth

Michael Banks: Jaxon Garner

*Miss Andrews: Kat Glover

*John Northbrook: Dylan Lowe

*Mrs. Corry: Martha Bowers

*Katie Nanna: Emrey Nash

*Mrs. Brill: Lily Newcomb

*Robertson Ay: Liam Railsback

*Miss Smythe: Olivia Callaway

*Von Hussler: Salem Reynolds

*Birdwoman: Katy Smith

*Chairman: Charlie Erikson

*Neleus: Jazmine Ivory Jeffcoat

*Policeman: Reagan Glover

*Messenger: Anna Claire Walker

*Pigeon: Callie Mae Weston


Ashlee Beaver

Abigail Callaway

Olivia Callaway

Onnabella Craig

Lilli Garner

Delaney Grider

Jazmine Ivory Jeffcoat

Alexandra Kessinger

Dylan Lowe

Lauren Redding

Kailynn Rowe

Addison Stanifer


Martha Bowers

Charlie Erikson

Kat Glover

Reagan Glover

Emrey Nash

Lily Newcomb

Liam Railsback

MariLu Ravel

Salem Reynolds

Katy Smith

Anna Claire Walker

Callie Mae Weston

Katie Whittington

Briana Williams

Auditions: THE TROUPE 2019

Mark your calendars! HPCT will hold auditions for THE TROUPE 2019 on Saturday, August 18 beginning at 9:00 AM at Centennial Station (121 S. Centennial Street, High Point).

The Troupe is HPCT’s Junior Theatre Festival competition team. Admission to is based upon a vocal and dance audition, as well as written recommendations.

What is the Junior Theatre Festival (JTF)?
The Junior Theater Festival is a spectacular annual national event that is all about bringing students together to celebrate the joy of musical theater! This will be HPCT's second year participating in JTF. Last year the Troupe received a Festival award for Excellence in Music, as well as Best Male Actor. The 2019 Festival dates are January 18-21 in Atlanta, GA. HPCT will be performing a 15-minute version of “James and the Giant Peach JR”.

HPCT’s The Troupe 2019
The Troupe is directed and music directed by Courtney Lowe and choreographed by Kristi Post. 
HPCT will take approximately 30 students in grades 5-12 (2018-19 school year) to JTF 2019. Rehearsals will primarily be Saturdays 1-5 PM, with the occasional Friday or Sunday. A complete schedule will be released no later than August 1. Rehearsals will begin August 25 and run through January 17.

Audition Information
Auditions for The Troupe will take place Saturday, August 18 at Centennial Station (121 S. Centennial Street, High Point). 
There will be a mandatory parent/student meeting from 9:00-9:30 AM. General auditions will immediately follow. Those selected for The Troupe will be posted at Centennial Station and on the HPCT Facebook page at 1:30 PM that day (8/18). Those selected will then be asked to attend the “James and the Giant Peach JR” casting session at Centennial Station from 2:00-approx. 4:00 that afternoon. Rehearsals begin August 25. 
For the general auditions, please be prepared to sing 16-32 bars of a musical theater song. An accompanist will be provided. A CD is acceptable, but no a cappella please. Dress to dance (jazz shoes, please). Bring a resume. If you have not worked with with HPCT within the last 12 months, please bring a recommendation letter specifically addressing character, work ethic and dependability in relation to the performing arts. This letter can come from a past production team member (director, music director, choreographer) or arts instructor (drama teacher, music instructor or dance instructor).

Questions? Email Courtney at


Congratulations TTO Drowsy Chaperone Cast!

Congratulations to the cast of HPCT’s Teen Thespian Organization’s summer production of “The Drowsy Chaperone”!

Man in Chair: Jack Greenberg
The Drowsy Chaperone: Bronwen Bradshaw
Janet Van De Graaf: Ally Shelton
Robert Martin: Josh Hill
Aldolpho: Caleb Spainhour
Kitty: Kimmie Yokley
Feldzieg: Michael Coltrane
George: Jackson Barnes
Gangster 1: Daniel York
Gangster 2: Justin Cho
Mrs. Tottendale: Kendall Mason
Underling: Charles Mckeown
Trix: Aisha Sougou
Superintendent: Breayan Sedano-Roman

Gracie Crocker
Tori Danielik
Laney Dowell
Karla Hernandez
Nicole Holmes
Lexi Rose
Chloe Vaughn
Katrielle Wares

Lion King Cast List

First of all, I would like to thank all the kids and their parents for coming out to audition for Lion King Jr.  We had a wonderful turn out for these auditions with over 80 kids! This casting process was very difficult for the production team.  Everyone was so talented and we could tell they really wanted to be there.

We implore those who did not get cast this time around to audition for future shows with High Point Community Theatre and the Youth Stage!

Again, thank you for coming out and we appreciate everyone's time and talent! 

Cast List

Mufasa/Older Simba- Jack Sargeant
Older Nala/Featured Dancer- Madison Barrier
Young Simba- Liam Railsback
Young Nala- Olivia Trauth
Scar- Jack Price
Rafiki- Martha Bowers
Timon/Featured Dancer- Katie Pelikan
Pumba/Featured Dancer- Kaitlyn Fisher
Zazu- Lindsey Gabriel
Sarabi- Julianna Byerly
Sarafina- Taylor Dowell
Banzai- Dylan Lowe
Ed- Christian Lowe
Shenzi- Olivia Callaway

Ava Jones, Sydney McDonald, Katy Smith, Delaney Grider, Sydney Evans

Featured Dancers
Gazelle- Kayla Miller
Baby Gazelle- Grace Woodbury
Abigail Callaway, Braeden Peterson, Dixie Clinard, Kailynn Rowe, Katie Whittington, Lauren Redding

Jayda Parrott, Callie Weston, Salem Reynolds, Maddie Doak, Cara Hayes, Gracie Mitchell, Sofia Barnes, Aleena Rios, Brooklyn Charles, Mya Sansour, Jazmine Jeffcoat, Emrey Nash, Chelsea Council